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BMW F82 M4 666M smoked finish, wheels get refurbished at Prestige Wheel Centre

BMW F82 M4 666M smoked finish, wheels get refurbished at Prestige Wheel Centre.

Accidents can happen at any time, which is why after only 4 days of use this BMW F82 M4 CP came into us for a wheel repair. The newer smoked finish has only been out a short time, however we are able to replicate the finish exactly!

Below are images of the wheel after being removed from the front of the car, and tyre removed.

Essentially we chemically strip the wheel to remove all layers of previous paint materials, and shortly after prep and cleaning the wheel is returned to a black finish prior to machining.

Using specialist tips and correct machine settings we replicate the almost polished like finish to the face of the wheel, pictures of which you can see below.

Once again, final prep and then ready for clear coat to be applied, but with a difference. The 666m wheel with black windows has a smoked or tinted finish, so this is applied in a powder coat format for even finish and durability.

Finish complete, we now install the TPMS, followed by the tyre and re-balanced on a state-of-art wheel balancing machine and then re-fitted back onto the car.

Only one wheel needed to be finished, however it match’s perfectly to the rest of the wheels on this brand new car.

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